Electrotherapy Equipment

Published: 12th August 2010
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Electrotherapy equipment is used to direct electrical energy onto a recipient for increased recovery from a physical injury or illness. The benefits of electrotherapy can be seen quite quickly in some patients, particularly when nerve endings and muscle fibers are affected. There are a series of small electric pulses passed to the affected area repeatedly to cause nerves to react and muscles to contract and relax. Some of the greater benefits afforded users of electrotherapy equipment are seen for patients who suffer from pain related to muscle stiffness or nerve damage. The medical community is embracing electrotherapy for a growing number of treatments, and the type of electrotherapy ideal for treatment is greatly dependent upon the patient's special population. Different methods of electrotherapy will utilize different pieces of equipment, some of which is portable enough for patients to utilize in a residential setting.

One of the more successful pieces of electrotherapy equipment, and the most popular, is the TENS Machine. Formally recognized as the Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation machine, the TENS is used for pain relief electrotherapy for a wide range of patients. TENS Machines are often purchased for home use by patients who suffer from chronic back or muscular pain. Patients are able to manually adjust the frequency of the electrical impulses being generated from the machine, enabling users a level of comfort they may not experience from a less flexible apparatus. The effects of TENS are ongoing and long-lasting for many patients, effectively improving their quality of life.

Known as the Interferential current, IFC is recognized as being a more intense TENS treatment. IFC machines generate an electronic pulse that penetrates deeper into the patient's musculature. The higher level of stimulation offered by an IFC machine can result in discomfort for some patients while providing higher levels of relief for others. The choice of electrotherapy equipment used by a patient is highly one of preference and comfort. The results seen from electrotherapy are parallel across most of the products intended for electrotherapy purposes. There was long a concern among patients and many physicians that electrotherapy equipment was dangerous for personal use and should not be undertaken without the close supervision of a medical professional. The popularity of electrotherapy and its effectiveness for individuals of all backgrounds and physical capabilities, however, seems to support the safety of the machines and the ease with which they can be used. Despite the proven effectiveness and user-friendly nature of most electrotherapy equipment, patients should always closely consult their physician before undertaking any in depth form of physical therapy. There are an abundance of retailers who offer electrotherapy equipment, many of which are priced competitively and provide extensive information about the various uses of their products. Research and trial and error can be extremely useful in determining the most effective form of electrotherapy for ongoing use.

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